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jaywalking 002 x Twist
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Jaywalking is delighted to join forces with Twist for this second installment. With St. Patrick's Day upon us, it is only fitting to invite our local Irish representative for a bit of craic.

In this installation, we welcome:

Local legend, rrao, a talented sound engineer, producer and a no less talented musician & selecta. Behind the decks, they are unflinching, walking a tight rope between tension and release. They are also a member of NYC's Slink collective, revered in the local scene for their events and boundary-pushing releases.


Soeneido, who is a representative of the Bay Area Jungle & Hardcore scene. He is a familiar face in the New Skool of Jungle, who springs new sprouts with them Old Skool roots- having releases on Future Retro London, YESKA Beatz, Ruff 'n' Tuff, NO BIAS and many more. He also promotes parties under his series 'LOTEK', which also functions as a label imprint.

Jaywalking's jaql & Twistfather Don-Ri will be bookending this lovely line up.



jaywalking 001
ra event page

This is the premiere of Jaywalking, a Brooklyn-based party series focused on showcasing forward-looking  Jungle. In this premiere, we are shining a spotlight on 3 stateside junglists.

Jungle legend Mizeyesis makes a return to NYC. As a Brooklyn native and an East Coast mainstay, Mizeyesis has been an involved and venerable member of the scene; promoting the Drum & Bass and Jungle sounds across the states and beyond. Her show ‘The Aural Report’ held a 6 year residency on Jungletrain, which continuously explored the many faces of breaks and bass and hosted an arsenal of guests from New England and the North East. She has releases on Repertoire sound, YESKA Beatz, Hexagon Digital & Junglist Resistance. And has played some of the most well loved, Jungle-focused, New York events such as Konkrete Jungle and Direct Drive. Expect no less than a journey to and from the far corners of the jungle, shepherded by a veteran of the East Coast Jungle community.

Representing the West Coast, direct from the underground of California; M27 is a dedicated artist that does alchemy with his audio and visual outputs. Fusing skate, graffiti and rave culture, he extrapolates his lived experiences from the street into the physical sphere, whether that is through his labels (Goodchill Records, In-N-Out Jungle, Major League) & lively merch releases or through the dancefloor soundsystems. He also runs a stalwart mixtape series ‘Ruff Tapes’, which continues to issue unique cassette releases. Keeping up with the times his extrapolations has expanded yet to another medium- the portable tracker. Equipped with dual Polyend Trackers, M27’s hardcore jungle live set will be traversing areas of the underground yet to be trekked; he is promising 4x4 and breaks all night.

jaql will be warming up the dancefloor for these two legends. She is a 123 affiliate and a devoted to member of the bubbling Jungle scene here in NYC. She holds a residency on Hong Kong Community Radio exploring the world of breaks and and bass under the same title, ‘Jaywalking’.